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Ladies First: The Rise of the Black Female Rapper

These female stars prove that hip-hop isn’t a boys’ club anymore.  

Hip-hop is no longer male -dominated. With superstars like Nicki Minaj blowing up in hip-hop, it’s inevitable that other female MC’s will start getting their due. These five artists prove that girls run the hip-hop world.

Azealia Banks
The Harlem rapper has created quite a buzz on the music scene. Her first single “212” is a fun and risqué single that has been viewed 17 million times on YouTube.  Her 1991 EP will drop this summer.  Banks’s full-length album, Broke with Expensive Taste will feature songs with Kanye West.  Her hip-hop is influenced by house music and even rock groups like Bloc Party. Though she has famous fans like Karl Lagerfeld dressing her in designer clothes, Banks should be noticed for her unique flow and infectious music.








Santigold isn’t a traditional hip-hop artist, but her music is definitely inspired by the genre. Her songs, “ Unstoppable’’ and “ Shove It’’ ,  have been sampled by Drake and Jay-Z.  Santigold’s first album was critically acclaimed and her recently released album, Master of My Make Believe mixes hip-hop with reggae, Afrobeat, and even pop ballads. Santigold’s colorful videos also pay homage to 90’s rapper Neneh Cherry. Santigold proves that musical variety is the spice of life.

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Rye Rye
This Baltimore rapper is the protégé of M.I.A., but is finally stepping out on her own.  Rye Rye’s debut album Go! Pop! Bang! captures her energy and is a great “Baltimore club record’’, as she described the album. Her dance single ‘’ Boom Boom’’ is undeniably catchy with a booming bass line, while songs like  “ Never Will Be Mine’’ has an R& B tinge that shows her softer side. Rye Rye is only 19, but is well on her way to hip-hop superstardom.








Brianna Perry
Brianna Perry is a new rapper on the scene, but already has famous fans like the Queen of Pop, Beyonce, and megastar Flo Rida.  Perry’s breakout single, “Marilyn Monroe’’, is not only influenced by the legendary actress.  Her flow may remind listeners of her hip-hop idol, Missy Elliott, with bouncing beats and playful bragging about her style.  The Miami rapper’s upcoming mixtape, Symphony No. 9, promises to deliver more of the same entertaining music and earn Perry even more attention in the limelight.











Nyemiah Supreme
This Queens rapper doesn’t need to wear colorful wigs or show cleavage to get attention- her rhymes alone should do the job.  Nyemiah Supreme recalls the no-nonsense female rappers of the 90’s and 2000’s like Eve or MC Lyte. Supreme’s latest mixtape, The Road to Supremacy, is a refreshing listen that embraces the style of legendary hip-hop’s female MC’s, but blazes her own trail.


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